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                                 Playing with Reliability and Environmental Testing

Everything about reliability and environmental testing.

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=R =   This webpage is a personal intitiative to explain the benefits of Reliability and Environmental Testing to you and to spread out this interesting area. Firstly we will present actual information, but give (independent and overall) training & course as well. We have 20 years of experience with different kinds of Reliability and Environmental Tests, analysis and failure causes and of course the different approaches.
=R=   This is what we like to share with you, where we start with the basics of Reliability and testing, considered from a broad perspective, so that you can develop a vision yourself. This enables you an efficient testing approach, makes you a better discussion partner with third parties and less dependent on others. We really like to help you with that ! 

Quality is free (Ph. Crosby) --> Reliability is the proof !! (Harry)


Latest Tips            

= R=   See publication on reliability (added october 2009) and list of presentations updated see presentations and links  

= R=   Today you can diversify and beat the competition by means of quality. Costs are everywhere under high pressure , but the most reliable and effective firms can build in quality and reliability with no costs (Crosby: Quality is free !). However quality is difficult to visualize, reliability can, just simply by showing reliability test programs and results. It quantifies quality and enables you to compete on this! How good are you?  (added may 2009)

= R=  MTBF and MTTF are upcoming abbreviations in order to specify Mean Time Between Failures and Mean Time To Failures. This is in line with new thinking in terms of availability and maintainability. Costs of non-operational systems are significant and put at the supplier. Compensation for energy breakdowns for example is one of the first statements in this. What is your MTBF?  (april 2009)

=R=The economic crisis has its effects on reliability too. On one hand company like to save money in testing. Indeed, by skipping one test you might save up to 1.000 euro. This can be achieved by effective and efficient testing, as well as by means of proper analysis. On the other hand companies become more critical towards quality, especially the trade off "quality for money". If the money is spend, quality is expected and demands for serviceability and costs, durability/reliability and "just enough" are rising because of the current market situation. (mar. 2009)

=R = " There cannot be a crisis......  
my agenda is already full!   " 

(Henry Kissinger)  



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