Product Improvement

by reliability analysis and testing

The book (update) is ready !
‘fun reading’ of reliability problems (Dutch)

The first Reliability Roman.
Easy to read, lot to tell from 30 years of experience!

second issue!!

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A few other things we’re proud on and like to support you with…

  • After 30 years of working for one company, I now like to support more companies and help them to benefit from the use of Reliability Engineering. It shortens development time, saves costs and improves brand reputation. Why not, why not now?
  • Get answers to your questions and doubts! Where can I do a test? Who can help with problem solving? Who can make an efficient testplan? What is the lifetime of my design? How many failures to expect? Who can train my designers on failmodes? Who can make a maintenance program?
  • We are proud to support you with these questions and services below.

Analysis and calculations

Risk analysis (FMECA)

Reliability risk assessments (RRA)

Requirements deployment (QFD)

Reliability Block Diagrammes (RBD)

Litetime predictions (Weibull)

X-ray, CT scan, SEM assist

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Testing and testlab

Environmental testing

– mechanical testing

– temperature/humidity testing

– terresic testing

– chemical testing

– durability testing

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Training and support

Base training: ‘Playing with Reliability and Environmental Testing’ at test lab.

On-site support for projects and problems.

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